Why You Need To Make A Podcast For Your Brand in 2020 (infographic)

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Branded Podcasts are the newest must-have tool to reach customers.

2019 Podcast Statistics
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Podcasts are the offspring of traditional radio, but there are plenty of differences too. What other medium can boast a majority of Loyal, Affluent and Educated listeners? Truth is, new mediums don’t come along all that often, and many that do are non-starters. We’ve only just begun to see the potential of podcasts as a tool for telling brand stories, a tool for education, entertainment and niche subjects.

Creatively, podcasts are among the most rewarding formats to showcase your values, your thought leadership and what you aspire to be. Marketers have been relatively slow to invest the significant money it takes to make a great podcast, but the overwhelming feedback from those who do is positive.

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