Taylor Swift’s Master Class for Creators

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T-Swift is a disrupter and, I for one, am here for it.

(Remember when she sued a gross radio host for groping her – and won? Or, when she shamed Apple into paying artists royalties for streaming their music?)

From the value of owning your creative to going as far as you need to take back your power ⚡️ and reclaim your property, #boss Taylor Swift is once again giving everyone in business – not just musicians and artists – a masterclass with her re-recording move.

Can you imagine how empowered she feels every time she checks another song off her list? ✅ It’s an epic move.

Interesting, on the heels of Bob Dylan selling his entire catalogue to one of the big record machines, Universal Music Group

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Why Taylor Swift’s Plan to Re-Record Her Old Music Is Actually Going to Work

This article was originally published to LinkedIn December 2020.